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With its lush, mountainous terrain, the Azores is like a tropical version of 'Middle Earth', the mythical world brought to life in The Lord of the Rings flicks.

This far-flung archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is home to other-worldly scenery. But being more Fern Gully than Frozen, these Portuguese islands are painted in shades of verdant green and blue, and boast temperatures to please both the nature- and sun-seekers among us.

Like Middle Earth's real-life New Zealand locations, the Azores' steep valleys, dramatic volcanic rock formations and soaring mountains all scream for adrenaline-charged adventures – and plunging into its temperate seas will reap rewards, too.

So time to strip off and dive deep into the valleys and waters of the Azores' biggest island, São Miguel, to discover why you should visit Europe's Eden.