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Frequent Asked Questions – Foreign Host entities 

1. Which entities can apply for the INOV Contacto - International Internship Program?
• Portuguese companies with offices abroad and in countries considered of strategic interest for Portugal;
• Multinationals with important presence or of high strategic interest for Portugal;
• International organizations and entities considered of strategic interest for Portugal, with special focus on internationalization.


2. What is the financial responsibility of the host entity?
Every cost related to business travel during the internship abroad. Ensure/support a housing solution whenever the intern is moved from his/her area of residence for more than 50km, if the option to host an internship in Portugal, during the first phase, is activated.

Where the monthly allowance received during the internship period abroad is not considered sufficient for the proper accommodation of the intern in the defined location, the host entity shall provide the necessary support to address this situation.
In addition to the above, there is no other obligation of financial involvement on the part of the host entities. The entities that are available to support the costs of the internships can be considered as preferential in the matching phase, namely:
• When appropriate, maintenance of the internship period for another few months;
• Supplementary allowance if necessary;
• Support the housing / meals in certain countries;
• Professional certification;
• Others.


3. Is the internship paid for?
Yes. Interns have a monthly internship grant throughout the entire internship period and a monthly allowance only during the internship period abroad.


4. Who deals with the legal procedures for entry of interns in countries where a visa is required?
All legal procedures for entry and residence of interns in countries where a visa is required are the responsibility of AICEP, with the support of the host entities whenever necessary.


5. Which training areas are usually covered by the program?
AICEP reserves the right to promote internships in all areas of training considered strategic and of national interest, subject to the offer presented by participating host entities. Nonetheless, other non-priority areas may also be considered if interest is expressed by the business community and there is availability in terms of number of vacancies.


6. Does the internship in our organization require any employment relationship with the intern?
No. The fulfillment of the INOV Contacto internship excludes any kind of legal-labor relationship, either with AICEP or with the host entities.


7. Should the intern have a fixed work schedule during the internship?
Yes. INOV Contacto internships are carried out in the workplace and interns are obliged to comply with the work schedule stipulated by the host entity, which will be proven by the monthly fulfillment of the attendance management application and the approval of the intern supervisor in the host entity.


8. During the internship, can the intern leave the host country?
During the internship period the intern must live and complete the internship in the country or geographic area for which he has been appointed by AICEP. Any trip out of that country should be subject to prior authorization from AICEP and the host entity. Failure to comply with this rule triggers a process of penalties.


9. Can the internship be held in more than one country?
Yes. In exceptional situations when requested by the host entity and upon analysis and approval by the AICEP, the internship may take place in more than one country, with the respective travel and additional costs being the responsibility of the host entity.


10. Are there any vacation periods during the internship?
The internship will take place on an ongoing basis, with the necessary adaptations to the practices and rules of the host entities and the countries of destination, not contemplating any holiday periods.


11. What are the evaluation criteria of the internship?
Each intern is evaluated for professionalism and performance during the internship as well as for the work he/she performs; by attendance and compliance with deadlines; by their attitude during the internship, either with the coordinating team of the program or with the host entity.

As regards the host entities, the following parameters are taken into account:
• Compliance with the internship plan;
• Fulfillment of the requirements for assigning the interns to the host entity;
• Level of follow-up of the tasks of the intern and evaluation of the internship carried out by the intern.


12. What is the internship regulation?
It is a legal document which stipulates all the rules of the program including the obligations of the interns, of the host entities and AICEP.


13. What are the application dates for the next edition of INOV Contacto?
The opening dates of applications for each new edition of the program are published at and we suggest that you regularly check the website.


14. What procedure should the host entity adopt to register for the internship of the INOV Contacto program?
The procedure to be followed for applying to the INOV Contacto program is through the registration of the entity at by completing the application form and accepting the general terms of the application.


15. I applied online, how do I know it was submitted successfully?
The application may be saved in draft, but will only be considered after submission. After completing and submitting the application forms, you will receive an email with the following message:

“Dear ………..,

Your application has been successfully registered in the system with the number 2017…………...

If you want to introduce any changes in your application, the editing mode will be available for the next 24h, until 22-07-2017 12:27:29.
Please click here.

After this period, the application will be available in read only mode.
Please click here.“


16. Can I change the form data after the applications are closed?
It is not possible to make changes after the 24 hour period.


17. When will I know if I will receive an intern?
After the matching process between the candidates and the available internships, an email with the profile of the candidate and the internship assigned for validation will be sent to the interlocutor indicated by the host entity in the application form.


18. Can the host entity interview the candidate selected by AICEP?
No. After the assignment of one or more interns, the host entity must analyze the curriculum vitae and accept this assignment based on the profile submitted. However, in exceptional situations, before the effective integration of the intern, you can ask the INOV Contacto team to make a phone or face-to-face interview so that you can better adapt the internship plan to the intern profile.


19. Can the host entity refuse an intern assigned to it?
Yes. However, this rejection does not imply a new assignment of another candidate to the same internship, thus becoming the application related to this internship without assignment of intern.


20. How does AICEP select the INOV Contacto interns?
The selection of candidates for the International Internship Program INOV Contacto is carried out in phases where the competencies, capacities and potentialities considered essential for the effective performance and success of the internship are evaluated. This process, based on the number of available places per edition, is carried out in stages, all eliminatory.