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About INOV Contacto


Its main aim is to provide quality training to young graduates in an international context and to serve as a link that allows past and current participants to keep in touch and share information between one another through the use of an informal knowledge network and a growing international contact network: the networkcontacto. 

The increasing participation of companies in the INOV Contacto program shows that it has now become well recognized and held in high regard not only by the Portuguese business community but also by some of the most prestigious companies and research institutes worldwide. Some testimonials provided by participating companies and interns.

Along with that increasing recognition, the INOV Contacto was considered best practice, in 2007, what in the field of management development programs – graduate programs by the national experts of the small and medium enterprises internationalization support task force.


 As a result, the INOV Contacto has been part of a publication by the Enterprise and Industry Directorate General of the European Commission which aims to determine how public policies can help the SMEs in their international growth efforts and to adopt a more European and international orientation standard.

This program received also other references as good practice by OECD (in 2008) and again by European Union (in 2010) in the context of contribution for the potential of cultural and creative Industries in particular that of the SME’s;

In November 2013 it was invited by SFE – integrated in the initiative school to work – to be present in the European Union presidency in Vilnius, Lithuania as one of the 20 best practices initiatives ever co-financed by SFE in order to explain how it works and to be replicated in other European Union Countries.


In 2015-16, it has been selected to be one of the success programs supported by community funds promoted at local (country) level.