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Why the North Region?  




ü North region Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2010: 47,542 million € (28% of national GDP).


ü Second most important region in the national GDP ranking.


ü GDP per capita: 13,0 thousand € in 2010 (80 - index Portugal=100 and 65 index EU27=100).



GDP per inhabitant in PPP (EU27=100) 

 GDP per inhabitant in PPP (UE27=100)                                                                       


         Portugal         North   

       P= Provisional data


       Source: INE


ü Annual average growth rate of GDP (2001-2010): 2.6% (national average in the same period: 2.8%).



     GVA Breakdown - 2010                        Employment Breakdown - 2010   


GVA Breakdown - 2009      Employment Breakdown - 2009 

     Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing
     Industry (energy and construction)



   Source: INE


ü Second most important region in respect of turnover generated in 2009: 91,499 million € (25,608 million € in the Manufacturing Industry) which represented 27.2% and 36% of national and manufacturing turnover, respectively).



Trade Balance

Trade Balance

        Exports   Imports    Balance                                         

       P= Preliminary data (2010-2011)


       Source: INE (declared values)



ü The North is the region that exports the most (37% of total exports and an average annual growth of 3% between 2007 and 2011) and where exports outside the EU represents nearly 20% of total exports.


ü 5 Major clients – Spain, Angola, France, USA and Germany.


ü Its main exports are industrial products (the manufacturing industry has an important role in this region). They are export leaders in the traditional sectors such as textiles, clothing and footwear.



Internacional Trade - Major Economic Categories, 2010P 


Internacional Trade - Major Economic Categories, 2009P

           Exports      Imports

          P= Preliminary data


          Source: INE (declared values) 


ü Emerging sectors: Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and Biotechnology (R&D).


ü Proportion of exports of high technology goods in 2011: 1.8%, with emphasis on the sub-region of Minho-Lima (3.6%).






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