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Algarve Region 

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Why Algarve?  





ü The Algarve has a land area of 4,997 km2, with an international land border of 48km and a coastline of 318km.




Area (km2): 4,996.8


Inhab/Km2: 86.6


Population (N.): 437,643 (2010)2




ü The Algarve is the southern most region in mainland Portugal, bordering, in the north with the Alentejo Region and in the south with the wide Atlantic Ocean. The Algarve enjoys one of the best all year round climates in Europe and, as well as its wide golden coast, with pleasant beaches it also has a large area of protected land and a varied biodiversity.


ü Significant developements in infrastructures: logistics and transport equipment.




Marinas and Yachting Harbors 5 Marinas - Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão, Vilamoura  

 4 Yachting Harbors - FaroOlhão, TaviraVila Real de Santo António




Rede Ferroviária 220,6 km of railway network:

        Electrified rail network: 220,6km





Aeroportos e Aeródromos1  Airport - Faro 

1  Aerodromes - Portimão






ü The NUT II Algarve covers only the Faro District and for statistical purposes NUT II and NUT III coincide.


ü With outstanding international recognition as a tourism destination, excellent infrastructures and facilities, the Algarve attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.



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